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Crane Rail Clamp Types And Crane Rail Clamp Materials

Rail clamps are used to fix the steel rails to the rail tie plates or rail sleepers, which has the similar functions to the rail clips. While, the clamping force of the rail clamp is much higher than normal rail clips, that is why the rail clamps are mostly used for crane rails, and we called them crane rail clamps. In general crane rail clamps are usually welded on steel i-beam and sometimes used on steel plates embedded in concrete.

Rail Clamp Types And Rail Clamp Materials

The rail clamps can be divided into WJK series rail clamp, SWJK series rail clamp, HWJK series rail clamp. TG38, TG43, TG50, TG60, QU70, QU80, QU100 and QU120 type rail clamps are all composed of the base, the upper cover, the wear shaw and elastic flat washer.

There are two types of materials for rail clamps:

  • Semi-cast steel: the upper cover is ductile iron and the base is cast steel.
  • All cast steel: the upper cover and base are cast steel.
The materials of rail clamps include Q235 by forging, ZG35 of cast steel and QT500-7-cast iron, or material by customers’ requirements.

Material And Standards of Crane Rail Clamp Fasteners

  • The upper cover plate, base plate and adjusting plate are ZG270-500. The material complies with the requirements of 5676-85. Wax loss precision casting is adopted. The dimensional deviation is up to JZ67-2, the II grade stipulation.
  • Rail bolts and rail nuts are defined as Q235BF steel parts, mechanical properties and chemical composition GB700-88, the surface accuracy of rail bolts is 12.5, and the rail nuts can meet the requirements of GB 6170-86.
  • The flat washers are made of Q235AF steel and the production requirements are in accordance with the provisions of GB97.1-85.
  • The spring washer is 65Mn or 60Si2Mn steel, the material meets the requirements of 1222-84, and the production requirements meet the requirements of GB93-87.

Crane Rail Clamps from Professional Rail Clamp Manufacturer - AGICO Rail

As a professional rail clamp manufacturer, AGICO can produce and supply various kinds of rail clamps for subway, mainlines and crane rails.

Crane Rail Clamp 21/050 AN/BN

crane rail clamp 21/050
Features of Crane Rail Clamp 21/050 AN/BN:
  1. Enable the rails to be installed with good tolerances;
  2. Be adjustable to ensure the rails’ precise alignment;
  3. Can be bolted or welded depends on installation requirements. 

Crane Rail Clamp 22/130 AN/BN

crane rail clamp 22/130
Features of Crane Rail Clamp 22/130 AN/BN:
  1. It’s special design of self locking is to secure the rails and fix it with a rubber nose.
  2. Crane rail clamp 22/130 AN/BN can be used in different rail types by adjusting the height of the rubber nose.

KPO Rail Rlamp

KPO rail clamp for crane rail
Features of KPO Rail Clamp:
  1. Boltable rail clip with high strength.
  2. KPO3, KPO6, KPO9 are mostly used in KPO rail fastening systems, by combining with ribbed tie plates, rail bolts and washers.

Rail Clamp for North Africa

 rail clamp for North Africa

MTH Rail Clamp

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