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Where to Buy High Quality Elastic Rail Clips

Elastic rail clip is one of the common rail fasteners in railway fastening system. Generally speaking, elastic rail clips are made of forged spring steel and has many applications. No matter as a part of rail fastening system or as a railway fastener, elastic rail clips are often used with other railway track parts, such as railroad spikes, rail pads, rail tie plates and rail plastic dowels.
elastic rail clips in high speed railway
In a complete railway structure, the main function of rail clip is fastening railway sleeper and steel rail together, just as other rail fasteners. The elastic rail clip is considered as one of the best ways to ensure that steel rails do not move, bend, warp, or rot. There are data shows that each elastic rail clip can bear about two tons of force upon a railway track.

Manufacturing Process or Elastic Rail Clips

The schedule of production process is as follows:
Shearing → Heating to forging temperature → Forming → HardeningTempering → Inspection → Packing
The raw material which is spring steel bar has to be sheared as per length required. The sheared rods are heated to the forging temperature at 950℃ to 1000℃. Over-heating should be avoided to check decarburization. The appropriately heated bar is transferred to power press for forging. Three sets of dies and fixtures are kept as per drawing before hammering. The forged clips are transferred to quenching tank. Dimensional accuracy and quench hardness of clips are checked before sending the job for tempering. All the clips are tempered at about 350℃ for achieving appropriate toughness in the spring.

Elastic Rail Clips from AGICO RAIL

AGICO can provide a range of elastic rail clips and tension railway clamps. We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying elastic rail clip products which are exclusively used in railways. Fabricated with optimum quality raw materials, these elastic rail clips are designed with high precision which impart high tensile strength and corrosion resistance. Our products can also be customized according to clients' requirements at a client desired price.
various types of elastic rail clips from AGICO RAIL
Universally accepted in the railway industry, elastic rail clip provides high performance clamping of the rail, coupled with ease of installation.
As out of patent technology from both manufacturers has become available to the general supply market, AGICO RAIL has linked up with reputable quality manufacturers to offer a cost-effective range of elastic rail clip to suit many rail sections and applications as well as selected SKL tension clamp.
Strict dimensional control, as well as the use of high quality spring steel, ensure that the elastic rail clip and other elastic railway fastenings supplied by AGICO RAIL are within specified ranges aimed at meeting customer requirements.
We are extremely capable of producing elastic rail clip for any type of toe load and axle load requirements to fix the rails on wooden, steel or concrete sleepers. We offer various elastic rail clip with size steel bar diameter from 12mm to 20mm. We manufacture different types of elastic rail clips with flat toe for broad gauge line, having the toe load from 850kgf to 1100kgf, and are capable of providing any type of toe load and axle load to fix the rails on wooden, steel or concrete sleeper.
Elastic rail clip material is made of spring steel such as 60Si2Mn, 60Si2Cr, 38Si7.
The size ranges mainly include 14mm, 16mm,18mm and 20mm clips that are used on different sizes of rails.
Below rail elastic clips are available:
  • E1609, E1813, E1817, E2001, E2005, E2007, E2055, PR clip
  • SKL1, SKL2, SKL3, SKL12, SKL14: Russian spring clip, fast clip

Features of Elastic Rail Clips from AGICO RAIL

In our large product line, we also provide Elastic Rail Clip at affordable rate of price. These clips are produced using the best raw material available in the market. These are also properly molded and designed as per the set industrial standard.
elastic rail clips in rail fastening system
Our customers widely seek this product in the market attracted by the various salient features that are as below:
  • Corrosion resistance
  • International Standard
  • Fine finishing
  • High-capacity
  • High performance
  • Request
  • Callback

Welcome to Buy High Quality Elastic Rail Clips from AGICO RAIL

As a professional rail fastener venture in China, AGICO RAIL is dedicated in manufacturing and exporting high quality elastic rail clips, rail fishplates, track bolts, rail screw spikes, rail fastening systems and other railway track accessories for light, heavy and crane railway tracks.
installation of elastic rail clips and other rail fasteners
We are one of the approved elastic rail clip and other railway fastener manufacturer by China's Railway Ministry and an ISO9001-2008 certified manufacturer. Our product is ideal for rail track assembly and is characterized by the ease of its fitment at the time of laying of track, easy and economical maintenance, durability, economical lifespan, and speedy replacement. Our elastic rail clip and other railway fastenings have serviced the domestic market and international market for many years. As an ISO9001 certified and China Railway Construction Cooperation Limited qualified overseas-supplier, AGICO RAIL has built intensive quality control networks, established strict production rules and inspection standards.
Adhering to our quality first policy, AGICO RAIL pays great attention to quality control management. We have a full set of inspection instruments to ensure all our elastic rail clip products are of high quality and up to customers' requirements. AGICO RAIL’s professional and experienced staff carry out all manufacturing procedures, including quality control. The company is a respected distributor of rail parts, which can be created according to international third-party certification such as Bureau Veritas and SGS.
As a leading manufacturer of rail fastening based in China, AGICO RAIL also produces many other railway fasteners, such as track bolt, sleeper screw, rail anchor, rail joint bar, tie plate, rail clip, elastic rail clip, SKL tension clamp, rail shoulder, and so on.
The company distributes steel rail products from state-owned factories across China. The company was one of the first recommended premium railway product suppliers on Chinese e-commerce site Alibaba AGICO RAIL has exported railway components that include steel rails to more than 35 countries across six continents to date. Standard products are readily available for urgent requirements. Please complete the enquiry form for more information.
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